El Portal Administrative Complex Planning Trailer Installation

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The purpose of this project is to provide an office for the Planning Division in a new, double-wide (approximately 24 ft. x 60 ft.) modular structure to be leased for a five year period and placed within the El Portal Maintenance Complex, El Portal. The color of roof, trim, and siding will blend into the hillside as much as possible; final determination will be made in consultation with the History, Architecture, and Landscapes Branch.

The preferred and proposed location for the placement of this new trailer (see map) is in an area to the north of the paved parking area behind the complex, in the vicinity of the parking deck and the electrical vehicle parking spaces, and is ideal for the following reasons: (1) the site has been previously disturbed and will require minimal site preparation due to the relatively flat grade (Park Archeologist, Laura Kirn has been consulted and confirmed there are no concerns with this location); (2) all utility hook-ups are within the immediate vicinity (i.e., high voltage, data cables, and phone lines), this is the parent location of the utilities that were strung across power poles to the YVP 1& 2 site; (3) placement in this location would not contribute to increased needs, for personal or government vehicles at the complex. (NOTE: As part of the Centennial Challenge, the Maintenance Division has hired an additional 22 employees to work in Park-wide Custodial Operations (PCO) and Buildings & Grounds (B & G); both of these operations use the parking structure for GSA vehicle parking. These 22 news employees, dictate the need for the parking structure to be used solely for parking).

All site prep and utility hook-ups will be performed by National Park Service Facilities Maintenance staff. The Branches of Information Technology, Utilities, and Telecommunications will be consulted as the order with the selected vendor is finalized in order to ensure all phones, electricity, and data needs are properly identified.

The trailer will be placed on jacks, and minimal ground disturbance will be required to grade and compact the proposed site. Negligible settling is expected. Each jack will have a 2 in. x 12 in. x 12 in. concrete paver placed beneath it. Jacks will be able to be adjusted if necessary over time to compensate for any settling that may occur.

A small paved area (approximately 10 ft. x 10 ft.) will be required to join the ADA accessible van parking space with the ADA accessible entrance ramp (see map). The ramp will be constructed and set in place upon delivery of the modular structure. There is a potential need for a cross walk between the ADA parking space and the parking deck. This decision will be incorporated into the parking management plan for the El Portal Maintenance to be developed in the near future. Four parking spaces will be assigned on the parking deck for the Planning Division's GSA vehicles and guest parking. Parking to the south of the new building will continue to be reserved for employee parking.

Two pieces of vegetation will need to be removed (one Butterfly Bush and one young Live Oak) in order to place the modular in the proposed location to accommodate both the ADA accessible ramp and the egress required by the delivery truck. The project manager will work with the Branch of Vegetation and Ecological Restoration on the timing and relocation logistics. The Red Bud at the western end of the project area will be protected from damage.

The mature oak on the slope above the proposed location has been inspected by the Forestry Crew and a determination has been made for it to be removed.

USA Dig will be contacted to locate underground utilities in the vicinity of the proposed site.