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VIP Project - Routine Maintenance - Non-Historic Structures

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The National Park Service, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park, will coordinate volunteer projects in conjunction with the park's Canal Pride Days. The volunteers will undertake work in the Palisades District of the park pertaining routine maintenance on non-historic features.

Three projects are needed on the Olmstead Island boardwalk and overlook area. These projects concern improving the boardwalk that leads out to the Great Falls of the Potomac River to include in-kind repairs and vegetation trimming. Trimming of the vegetation will meet trail standards, which provide a ten foot overhead clearance. Vegetation growing into the walking pathway will be trimmed back no further than three feet from the outer edge of the boardwalk.

Another project will be the replacement, in kind, of the roof on the Great Falls Maintenance shop. This work will require specific skill levels.

The fifth project will replace the rub rails on the Charles F. Mercer (reproduction canal boat). These will be replaced according to manufacturer's specifications by a carpenter with assistance from volunteers. The rub rails protect the boat hull from damage during docking operations.

The final project is the painting of the Great Falls entrance station/fee booth. This will involve preparation of the structure by scraping and washing, and application of appropriate paint coating. Safety measures for this project will involve appropriate work zone signage, safety cones, safety vests for workers. Additional worker safety protection will be provided to protect the workers from contact with the paint and cleaning solutions. The fee booth project is within the entrance roadway to the park and all safety standards for work under these conditions will be strictly enforced.

All VIP projects will be coordinated and supervised by NPS staff.

The park's Interdisciplinary Team reviewed the project for impacts to natural and cultural resources. The project does not pose any serious or long-term effects to the environmental, historical, cultural, archeological, or visual resources. It meets categorical exclusion #C.3 – Routine maintenance and repairs to non-historic structures, facilities, utilities, grounds, and trails.

Contact Information
For further information about this project, please contact the VIP Coordinator, at 1850 Dual Highway, Suite 100, Hagerstown, MD 21740.