Sentinel Meadow Boardwalk Realignment

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This project would relocate an 80 foot section of the boardwalk that parallels the river. The boardwalk in this section would be moved away from the riverbank approximately 20 feet. This is necessary to prevent damage to the structure from the encroaching water that is eroding the riverbank. It would also move visitors away from a steep drop off where the erosion is occurring. The project would require construction of new footings, piers, cross braces, stringers, and decking.

This project will allow the boardwalk to remain open while allowing the hydrologic processes that are occurring along the riverbank. It will provide for visitor safety. It will also protect the investment the park has made in the initial installation and current redecking of the Sentinel Boardwalk by minimizing the chances the boardwalk will be damaged or destroyed by subsequent stream bank erosion. The materials used to complete the project will be in-kind to match the existing boardwalk. The decking material will be the same used in the 2007 redecking project, which is douglas fir #2 treated with ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quat). The pier matieral will be cement. The park's Ecological Restoration Biologist has been active in the development of this project and her concerns have been addressed.