Hetch Hetchy Entrance Station Security Camera Installation

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There are currently four non functioning security cameras mounted on the eaves of the Hetch Hetchy entrance station kiosk. This project will replace the existing cameras with new cameras to be mounted on or near the Hetch Hetchy Entrance Station Kiosk in such a manner as to capture automobile license plate numbers, make, model and color of vehicle as they enter or exit the park. Cameras will be painted and mounted in such a way as to blend in with the building or surrounding environment. The new cameras will provide the capability to transmit data to a central computer through wire or wireless technology. Data collected may be encrypted and will be stored in a secure facility with limited access to authorized personnel only. Transmission and maintenance of collected data to remote locations will be in accordance with established policy and procedures in order to maintain data security. In the absence of wireless technology the new cameras can be wired directly into the central computer, existing conduit already in place under the road would be utilized. Existing conduit taking utility lines from the roadside to the ranger station also exists and may accommodate the additional camera wires. If the existing conduit cannot accommodate these wires then an additional trench (approximately 133 feet) may need to be dug. This project would add an element of safety to the fee operations and will release all staff in recording vehicle license numbers, make, model, and color of vehicles. It would allow Rangers to have more time to interact with visitors in one on one contacts and provide for overall greater security of the Hetch Hetchy area. This project will become the basis for future projects to expand from; therefore the procurement of equipment will be coordinated through the telecommunication staff. Efforts will be made to purchase non-proprietary equipment which will allow for greater flexibility when expanding or adding to the system.