Parkwide Rehabilitate Concessionaire Operated Fireplaces

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The fireplaces throughout the concessioner operations are in need of varying degrees of major to minor repairs due to their age, frequency of use, seismic activity, foundation settlement, and code requirements.

The purpose of this project is to replace fireplace components as identified in the condition assessment prepared by CCS-Canaday Enterprises Inc., August 2007. Scope of work varies depending on the condition assessment and will also be affected by historic structure status, and repair versus rehabilitation. Work may include: demolition of existing materials, replacement with in-kind fabric while retaining historic design, fire box repair, masonry improvements, and miscellaneous upgrades, on as many as 57 fireplaces as listed below (see Internal Documents for a List of Historic Structures numbers corresponding to fire places and the Project Statement which notes basic scope of work:)
Ahwahnee Hotel – 12 fireplaces
Curry Village – 4 fireplaces
Degnan's – 2 fireplaces
Yosemite Lodge – 1 fireplace
Residences in Valley & Wawona – 35 fireplaces
Wawona Hotel – 3 fireplaces

The Park Historic Architect has been involved in preliminary project discussions and will be consutled on each fireplace replacement and/or rehabilitation as the project proceeds.