Ahwahnee Hotel Rehabilitate Swimming Pool

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The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate the pool at the Ahwahnee Hotel by replacing pool components that have outlived their serviceable life, and to bring the pool up in compliance with ADA-ABA Accessibility Guidelines (ABAAS). The pool components that are anticipated to be replaced include piping to and from the pool, pool edging tile, concrete deck, and pool plaster. It is expected that all decking will be removed and replaced to make sure the deck area is level and trip hazards are removed. Concrete trucks and other large equipment will be required to adhere to Division 1 Specifications to prevent the spread of noxious weeds. Deleware North will coordinate this procedure with the park contact Victor Goldman.

The Ahwahnee pool was installed in 1969. As such it is not historical or considered a contributing element, although it is in a historic district. Repairs that result in changes to the appearance of the pool may impact the historic character of the landscape of this National Historic Landmark. Frequent piping failures, pool cracks, and tile spalling have caused excessive and costly repairs that only last two or three years.

Design alternatives addressing accessibility, historic landscape issues and other deficiencies will be prepared for and reviewed by the park Historic Architect and Project Management Staff during the planning and design phase.

A small staging area will be set a side behind the valet parking near the horse training area.