Wawona Restoration Office Trailer Installation

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The Branch of Vegetation and Ecological Restoration in the Resources Management and Science Division has several projects based in Wawona for the next two field seasons (2008 and 2009). There will be a 6 person crew for mapping and weed eradication working and living in Wawona. The crew needs a place to meet and serve as an office for checking email and phone. We propose to move a 35 foot travel trailer to Wawona to be used as an office by this crew from May 1 through Oct. 30 of each year. The proposed site is east of the prescribed fire offices, which are off Wawona District Circle on the road that ends at the wood lot. The proposed placement location is between two other travel trailers (see map and photos) currently parked on site and will use existing hook up for electricity. This site was used by Federal Highways for a trailer during the construction of the South Fork Bridge. The trailer would be used as an office only, needing minimal power. One to two laptops and phone and answering machine would be needed. The trailer has propane for heat and to power the refrigerator, no air conditioning is needed. Deron Mills, Taro and Wawona Facilities Staff have discussed concerns which mainly regarded power consumption impact to the current pole. PG&E has been contacted with the meter number to see their outlook on the power issue. Laura Kirn and Dave Humphrey had no concerns from a cultural resource perspective regarding this placement. The trailer placement can be seasonal if there is a need for it to be moved in the fall or it could stay parked onsite over the winter, winterized and unused till the 2009 season, depending on site needs.