El Portal and Yosemite Valley Restoration Equipment Sheds Installation

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The Restoration Branch of Resources Management and Science currently has a lack of safe storage for gasoline powered equipment. We would like to install two steel storage sheds. These sheds would replace two sea containers that have been used for temporary storage since our offices were flooded in 1997. The sea containers are not ventilated or lighted and are eye sores. Furthermore, in the summer they get hot and fill with gasoline fumes. The new sheds will allow us to move the sea containers out of Yosemite Valley and to safely store our gasoline powered equipment with good ventilation, and will secure our government property.
One shed will be located in old El Portal, behind the Special Uses Office next to Interpretation's covered storage (please see map). The other will be placed alongside our restoration shop (old Forestry Shop) in the Yosemite Valley maintenance yard. Both sheds will measure 8 by 10 feet by 8 feet tall and are designed to be moved with a fork lift and sit on top of the ground with little ground disturbance. The sheds come in beige, but we will paint the Yosemite Valley shed Wosky brown as requested by Sueann Brown, park Historical Architect, and we will ground the metal shed because it will be near an electrical sub station. We have consulted with Dave Humphrey and Laura Kirn to ensure the placement of the sheds will not affect archeological or historic cultural resource values.