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Master Plan for the NPS Headquarters and Warehouse Sites

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The National Park Service (NPS) has completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) and Master Plan for the NPS Headquarters and Warehouse Sites located in Boulder City, Nevada. The intent of the plan is to provide comprehensive guidance for long-term, sustainable development of the NPS Headquarters and Warehouse sites, which includes replacing inadequate and substandard facilities, resolving space and organizational inefficiencies, and allowing for more cohesive park operations.

The Selected Action, analyzed as the preferred alternative (alternative C) in the EA, is the same as that presented in the EA. The Selected Action will permit construction of an interagency communications center (ICC) at the Warehouse site. In addition, the Selected Action will allow for consolidation of most NPS divisions at the Warehouse site, while retaining a NPS presence at the Headquarters site in downtown Boulder City. The ICC will function as a dispatch facility, Emergency Operations Center, and Public Safety Answering Point (911). The facility will be designed and constructed to meet the Silver Certification Level of the LEED Green Building Rating System. Funding is currently available only for the ICC.

Construction of other components of the Master Plan may be implemented in phases and would be dependent on acquiring additional funding. Key features at the Headquarters site included renovation of the Headquarters building for lease to non-NPS (but mission-compatible) organizations, while retaining a minimum amount of office space for NPS public contact in downtown Boulder City; removal of the Annex and Headquarters Addition to restore the historical appearance of the Headquarters building; and, potentially re-landscaping the site to a more water-friendly xeriscape. Key features at the Warehouse site included renovation of the Warehouse building; construction of a new two-story building for consolidation of most NPS divisions; construction of a new shop and storage spaces; and, organization of new development around landscaped "green-space" areas that will provide a continuous pedestrian link to all buildings/divisions. The Selected Action included a sustainable campus plan that incorporated design elements, in concert with the ICC building, to achieve LEED goals. This allowed the NPS to set standards that reduce the environmental impact of all buildings on the site and to assist individual buildings that share amenities in achieving LEED certification. The stipulations and mitigation measures indicated in the Plan will be adhered to for successful implementation of the Selected Action.

An Environmental Assessment was completed and distributed for public review from September 15, 2008 through October 21, 2008. Lake Mead NRA received two comments on the subject Plan/EA. Comments were received from the Nevada Sate Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the Nevada Division of State Lands. The Nevada SHPO requested that additional items accompany the usual items required for a Section 106 submission when the NPS has more detailed plans available. The Nevada Division of State Lands comment included mitigation measures to reduce visual impacts. These measures were included in the mitigation and will be more specifically detailed in the engineering and design documents. Through environmental analysis and public review and comment, Lake Mead NRA has determined that the Selected Action will not significantly affect the environment. A Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was approved on November 18, 2008, authorizing implementation of the Selected Action. The EA and FONSI constitute the complete environmental analysis for implementation of the Master Plan for the Lake Mead NRA Headquarters Site and Warehouse Site. Click on 'Document List' to the left to view these documents.