El Portal Deglomine Residence Structure and Site Improvements

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This project includes the addition of a bathroom and car cover to an existing residential structure located at 9713 Manzanita Lane (lot # 94) in El Portal.
The bathroom addition will include extending the existing deck 2' from current location. Existing deck is 8' x 16'; proposed addition will be 10' x 16'. New decking will be recycled pressed plastic. Siding will be fiber cement board. All new materials will match existing structure. Proposed car cover will be 14' from main residence and 6' from the second story bathroom addition.

Construction of the car cover will include:
1) Installation of 5 poured pier blocks, 12" x 12" x 8", supporting 6" x 6" Douglas fir posts.
2) 2 - 4" x 4" support kickers on each corner (total of 8).
3) 2" x 6" rafters (16" on center) and 3 support beams (front: 24' long x 6" wide x 14" high), (back two 12' x 6" x 10").
4) 1" x 4" crossed roof support (24" on center).
5) Ridged galvanized metal roofing (roof screwed in).
Roof will match existing residence. Very little waste will be generated; deck waste will be recycled. Car cover will be used for current residents and not additional occupants.
Roof pitch will be 24" over 16'.