El Portal Road Reconstruction Additional Staging Area

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Allow the area along the south road shoulder just east of the project site to be used by the construction contractor for staging. This area would be provided in exchange for additional room for chain up operations at the Cascades Picnic Area Staging. The road shoulder has a dirt surface (near table rock) and extends about 100 yards long by 5 yards wide along the edge of the road. The contractor is already required to restore any area used back to its original condition and to have in place erosion control measures while the area is in use. The area will be used to stockpile materials and stage equipment. The only soil disturbance that will occur will be on the surface. This will be only a temporary impact on the landscape in a construction zone and will be removed by Memorial Day. The History, Architecture, and Landscapes staff and the Archeology Office have no concerns with this project. The Resources Management and Science Vegetation staff had no special concerns but stated that the boundaries be clearly defined, pollution prevention will be in effect, and the natural features will be protected from scaring or damage. The park archeologist has recommended the following condition and stipulation: "Avoid impacts to adjacent archeological resource, per recommendations from archeological construction monitor".