Deepen Castle Rock Cut

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Glen Canyon NRA is proposing to deepen an area referred to locally as the Castle Rock Cut. The Castle Rock Cut was first excavated in the early 1970's before the lake level rose to full pool level (3700 ft elevation). It was again excavated in the 1990's to remove built up sediments. When operational, the cut saves about 12 miles of travel and more than a one hour's transit time to locations uplake for visitors, concessioner and park maintenance and visitor protection staff. The cut is currently unusable due to low water levels caused in part to an ongoing drought. This project proposes to deepen the existing cut by about 35 feet, which would allow boat operators to use it when the water level is above 3,585 feet in elevation. An Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared for this project and is available for public comment. The public comment period is currently open and will run through March 20, 2008. You can access the EA by clicking either the list of documents link or the open for public comment link at the left of this page.

Contact Information

Kevin Schneider, Public Affairs Office, P.O. Box 1507, Page, AZ 86040.