El Portal, Magruder Residence, Conversion of Existing Garage

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This project includes a proposal to remodel an existing storage area above a garage at 9746 Buckeye Road in the El Portal Administrative Site (Old El Portal). The 384 square foot project would include a separate kitchen, full bathroom and living area, accessed by the existing outside staircase. Parking is available on site. All mechanical codes will be followed. Hot and cold water supply would be copper and drain, waste, and vent to be ABS plastic. The direct vent water heater is already installed in the downstairs garage. Propane would fuel the kitchen stove and direct vent wall furnace. A wall mounted evaporative cooler would be installed. Copper wiring is to be used throughout. R-19 fiberglass wall insulation and R-30 ceiling insulation would be used. All windows will be glazed dual paned. Taped and textured wallboard would finish interior walls and ceiling. Ceramic tile would be installed in the kitchen and bath. The living area would either be carpeted or wood.