Yosemite Creek Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Replacement

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This project includes demolition, disposal & replacement of the existing, failed, Yosemite Creek pedestrian non historic glulam bridge near the Yosemite Fall bus stop. The bridge has been closed and pedestrian/bicycle traffic has been detoured around the bridge. The current detour is not appropriate or safe for periods of high visitation. The goal is to have the bridge replaced and ready for use as soon as possible.
Design features will be similar to the bridges designed by the Office of Lawrence Halprin and GFDS Engineers for the Yosemite Fall Corridor loop trail project. The bridge design will be the same, with steel I/H beams with wooden railings and decking. The new handrail will match the design prepared by the Office of Lawrence Halprin and GFDS Engineers for the replacement of the main bridge at Lower Yosemite Falls (not built), with variations in post location appropriate to the new bridge span. As opposed to the other bridges, the railing for this bridge will have 3 railings instead of 2 because of its use for bicycles. The bottom of the new bridge girders will be located so that the existing clear waterway (from the creek bed to the underside of the glulam girders) will not be reduced. The existing bridge abutments will be used.
The deck of the new span will be up to 24" higher than existing and the travel width will match the 12' of the bridge being replaced. Dry stone retaining walls will be built on either side of the approach on both ends to support the tread way to allow less than a 5% grade to meet accessibility standards. These walls will match the design detail established on the other new Yosemite Creek bridges.