Yosemite Parkwide "Facelift" 2007

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The Yosemite Climbing Association (YCA) will be hosting the Fourth Annual "Yosemite Facelift" this September 26, 2007 thru September 30, 2007. This parkwide trash removal event is conducted by volunteers. Last year over 4,000 lbs of trash was collected within the park.
Each year the YCA identifies specific areas of interests with known NPS operational connections. Park Resource Management and Science and Facilities Management staffs work directly with the YCA to conduct site visits prior to trash removal activities and/or are available and onsite during removal operations to ensure that safety precautions and resource considerations are implemented. Please see attached spreadsheet prepared by RMS archeology staff, maps identifying locations of activities, and photos.
This year, the following removal specific locations/items have been identified for removal:
1) South Landing - This area includes the upper bone yard and the shooting range. Removal includes scrap metal, old wood, plastics, asphalt, abandonded equipment and supplies, and thousands of ammunition casings at the shooting range. The YCA would like to have a metal bin delivered to South Landing due to the expected high volume of material to be removed. RMS staff archeologist have been to the location.
2) Crane Flat Sledding Area - Proximate to South Landing, contains more scrap metal and general debris that appear to be operational.
3) Abandoned Phone Pole Removal at Cascades Housing Area to Powerhouse - Approximately 9 to 11 old/abandoned phone poles remain upright with random phone lines attached. This work will be supervised by High Voltage staff and removed by hand.
4) Old Desoto Car off Wawona Road - North of Grouse Creek, near Turtleback Dome, there is an old car approximately 200 feet downslope of the roadway. Traffic control will be necessary.
5) Cascades Powerhouse - Removal of abandoned pipe and power pole in the Merced River.