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Place boulder barriers along White Rim road

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Visitors are currently driving off road, and in some cases camping outside of designated areas, at several campsites along the White Rim road. The goals of this project are to:

• Preserve the natural resources surrounding the White Rim trail
• Define campground boundaries through the use of natural barriers which will limit impacts to hardened areas
• Utilize natural barriers to contain and discourage off road vehicle travel up washes.

The work would involve placing boulders at these sites to prevent off road travel. Boulders would be transported in trucks from a stockpile at the park maintenance area or other locations. This project would help visitors to identify camping boundaries.

Locations and estimated numbers of boulders to be placed would be:

1. Gooseberry Wash: 4-6 boulders (depends on size)
2. Gooseberry Tree: 2 -4 boulders
3. Airport C campsite: 6 boulders
4. Labyrinth B campsite: 4 boulders

To reduce impact to visitors, all work would occur during the day when visitors are usually traveling and not in the campsites.

Contact Information

Dave Wood 435-719-2133