Parkwide - 2007 Roof Replacements (8-Yosemite Valley Residential Homes)

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The purpose of this project is to replace deteriorated roofing and roof sheathing on various DNC residential structures in Yosemite Valley. Roofs will be replaced in-kind. Structural repairs will be made if necessary and new 30-year roof coverings will be installed. Damaged overhangs will be repaired and re-painted as needed. Each roof will be evaluated individually and a scope of work prepared based on the condition of the structure. The list of structures include:

H-126 & Garage, NR B 84 (House), and B 94 (Garage) Contributing

H-130, NR B 88, Contributing

H-131, NR B 95, Contributing

H-132, NR B 89, Contributing

H-133, NR B 90, Contributing

H-134 & H-135 Duplex, NR B 91, Contributing

H-138 & Garage, Not Contributing

The basic scope of work as follows:
A. Condition Evaluation & Detailed Scope: Roofs will be replaced in kind. The condition of each roof has been evaluated individually by visual inspection and a detailed scope of work prepared. Special attention will be given to damaged or rotten sheathing, structural member deterioration or damage, and moisture intrusion.

B. Construction: To vary with structure - see Project Statement for detailed scopes.
1. Remove all existing roof coverings down to roof sheathing, roof edge metals, and flashings.
2. Call for inspection of existing sheathing and structural members.
3. Repair structural members and sheathing if needed.
4. Install all new roof edge metals and metal flashings, unless flashings are fastened under wall materials.
5. Call for inspection to evaluate wall to roof flashings.
6. Install new roof coverings (similar materials as the type removed).
7. Paint any exposed repaired structural members, exposed sheathing, and all exposed flashings
8. Call for inspection of finished project.

Small staging areas are located on individual asphalt driveways at each construction location.