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At the request of the National Park Service, the Yosemite Association proposes to replace the Membership Booth on the Village Mall with an upgraded information kiosk to improve appearance and better serve park visitors.

The Yosemite Association Membership Booth is located on the Village Mall across from the Wilderness Education Center between the post office and The Ansel Adams Gallery. From May through September, volunteers staff the booth daily to greet visitors, answer questions, and point the way to the Valley Visitor Center and museum. The proposed design strives to use YA's current location to create a visitor information kiosk with improved accessibility and appearance in the eyes of the visitor and a better work space for volunteers. The information kiosk features two counters, 5'6" x 3'6" x 2' and 6' x 3' x 2', to accommodate accessibility requirements under the Federal Accessibility Guidelines and enable two volunteers to assist visitors. Lockable drawers and cabinets will store materials overnight and eliminate the need for the Rubbermaid totes that currently sit behind the booth each day. A Post style sign behind or adjacent to the booth would allow regularly updated information to be attractively displayed for visitors throughout the season.
Both the booth and the sign will be constructed of roughsawn fir posts and paneling stained Wosky brown to match the design guidelines for Yosemite Valley outlined in chapter 3 of A Sense of Place. The counters have fireslate tops and are shaded by a retractable umbrella. The sign post is supported by pins which fit into sleeves embedded in the ground. The sleeves, made of 1 ½' of galvanized pipe, would be installed in the soil adjacent to or behind the kiosk. While the sign is in storage from October through November, the sleeves would be capped and covered to be used again in the spring. A local dark granite ("Academy" available from Cold Springs Granite quarry located in Raymond, CA) be permitted to substitute as "an approved equal" the originally approved "Fireslate" material that is to be used as the counter surface material for the YA Volunteer Kiosk.

Both the information station and the sign structure will be assembled at the beginning of May each year and disassembled and stored for the winter in early October.

With minimal resource impact, the proposed Yosemite Association Information Kiosk will enhance the visitor experience by improving a key venue for directions and other inquiries as visitors make their way to the Valley Visitor Center and embark on their Yosemite experience.