Wawona Tunnel Safety Upgrades

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This project has already been raised to the Secretary of Interior level due to a recent report from the Inspector General's Office which described how unsafe this tunnel is and what needs to be done asap. This is additional work added to the previously completed PEPC project no. 17557. Please refer to the previous PEPC project for general maps/drawings of the Wawona Tunnel. The proposed additional work includes design and installation of new fire extinguishers & call boxes within the tunnel. It is anticipated that the new fire extinguishers would be mounted to the existing tunnel walls adjacent to the existing sidewalk, however the specific locations and details will be determined as part of the design process (NFPA Requirements). The fire extinguishers will also have a small light mounted above each fire extinguisher so they are readily visible during a time of need. The additional work also includes the design and installation of approximately 2600-LF of new underground power line. The proposed new power line will replace the existing 5KV power line and therefore it will be located in the same ductbank and trench as the existing line. Approximately 2400-LF of the proposed power line will be located in an existing utility chase located underneath the existing sidewalk between the main fan adit and the westerly end of the tunnel. The remaining 200-LF will be located underground between the west end of the sidewalk and the above ground power line. Placement of lighting and fire extinquisher equpiment will be determined in consultation with the parks' History, Architecture, and Landscape Branch to minimize impacts to the historic property.