El Portal Kiewit Office Access and Entry Area Improvements

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Project is located at existing Kiewit Trailer site with NPS offices. The two existing building entrances face south and are approached over an exposed open gravel lot. Two sides of lot are surrounded by chain link fence separating site from sewage treatment plant sludge drying beds. Purpose is to create an accessible, functional, inviting and better defined entry area by providing planted shade/screening trees; paved accessible parking space and universal accessible ramp to main entry; paved access to the main building entry stairs; paved walkway from upper parking area to new gate in existing chain link fence on southeast edge of site; and raised entry deck with overhead shadecloth support structure. Site is previously disturbed and is on fill material brought in during earlier construction of adjacent facilities.

New paved walkways and accessible parking will consist of 4-inch think concrete. An approximately 6 foot wide by 8 foot long walkway will connect edge of existing paving to main stairs leading to main entry of office building; 4' wide by 6' long walkway will connect accessible parking aisle to accessible ramp; 4' wide by 18' long walkway will connect east gate to accessible ramp; and 4' wide by 60-70' long walkway will connect upper parking area to new gate in southeast edge of existing chain link fence. An 8' wide accessible parking space with adjacent 5' wide paved aisle will be adjacent to the accessible ramp.

Six cottonwood trees will be planted along the south and east edges of the chain link fence to provide shade and visual screening of sewage treatment plant from entry area. Existing drip irrigation lines will be utilized to water trees.