Tuolumne Winter Ranger Residence Install Alternative Power Sources

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Numerous power outages occur in Tuolumne due to winter storm cycles. Southern California Edison also preemptively cuts off power when wind is predicted. Edison has indicated that they will not fix power lines which come down in Lee Vining Canyon in the winter. Winter Rangers are necessary to prevent resource damage and give information for winter backcountry users. They also shovel roofs and prevent damage to structures from snow loading in addition to collecting snow survey data monthly.

Therefore, an alternative power system is needed to support them. This system involves solar panels installed on the south facing roof of the residence. These panels will charge a bank of batteries which will supply power for minimal electric appliances such as lights and radio chargers and an energy efficient refrigerator . A propane tank will fuel a propane generator which will augment the solar power and run the chest freezer necessary to maintain the large quantities of food for the winter season. The generator also will charge the battery bank as needed. A propane water heater and stove will decrease the power demand of the system.

Thus the house will be converted to a power system independent of the grid. This will reduce emissions into the atmosphere and provide a positive example of energy responsibility to the public.