Wawona Hotel Complex Exterior Painting

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Exterior Painting includes: All painting will adhere to the National Park Service Brief 10 - Painting Historic Structures under General Paint Type Recommendations and Exterior Paint Problems on Historic Woodwork:
1. Moore & Washburn Cottages
· Clean exteriors of buildings complete with a method that will not disturb underlayers of paint.
· Provide ground protection during cleaning and preparation operations to capture paint waste chips. Dispose of paint waste per California State regulations.
· Remove loose and scaling paint gently by scraping or mild hand sanding.
· Spot prime
· Install 2 coats exterior grade paint to match existing
· First coat shall be allowed to dry prior to second coat being installed
· Keep all work areas clean and presentable for guests
· Work times are M-F 9-AM to 6 PM
· Management will direct sequence of work.
· DNC project management will inspect all work prior to painting

2. As needed:
· Reattach loose siding and trim boards, use galvanized nails suitable for wood thickness
· If wood is found to be deteriorated beyond holding paint remove decay and install 2-part epoxy putty to fill the area and sand to match other wood surfaces
· If decayed area is too large for puttying replace with in kind materials.
· Replaced materials are to be kept at minimal usage.
· NPS will inspect patches and replaced materials to ensure work is to NPS standards.

All work areas will be kept clean and presentable to guests. Work times are Monday - Friday 9 am to 6 pm.

A small portion of the Main Building back dock area will be used for staging.