Parkwide Annual Roof Replacement (Moore and Little White Cottages)

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The purpose of this project is to install new cedar split wood shingles over existing skip sheeting on Moore and Little White buildings at the Wawona Complex. Shingles to match in look, size, and texture those of original sugar pine shingles. Also repair fascia boards and all wood siding located above wood shingles. Complete painting of fascia and siding located above wood shingles will also be done. Perform work on Little White soffit areas as identified and match with in-kind materials and paint.
Delaware North will request the removal of two Cedar trees located in close vicinity to the Moore cottage as an aspect of this project. Tree trunks are approximately 2' from the structure and branches overhang the upper roof area.
The main staging area will be located at the Wawona back dock area - with satellite areas located in the parking areas nearby the structures. Work to occur during low visitation.
General Scope of Work - (please refer to the project statement for detailed scope.)
1. All roofing materials to be split cedar shingles 5" X 24" minimum length, split ½" thick with 10" exposure per manufacture's warranty, with fire retardant treatment. Materials and installation would meet Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau requirements.
2. The shingle installation pattern will match existing historic Sugar Pine installation; with the gap between shingles lined up with the center of the shingle in the row below.
3. All flashings and metal trims to be copper 28 gauge.
4. All wood repairs to be performed with in-kind materials.
5. Fasteners to be galvanized for wood materials of proper length to secure a tight fit.
6. Copper fasteners to be used on copper materials.
7. Delaware North will contact Historic Preservation Team to view workmanship and historic design as project progresses.
Note: The Moore Cottage Cupola will be replaced in-kind per the following scope of work.
Due to excessive wood rot, a section of the Cupola wall system was removed during the project to winterize the Moore roof. The original pieces of Cupola material was retained and stored on site in anticipation of replacement during the roof project. The following specification will address the rebuilding of this section. The contractor hired to perform the project will provide a detailed specification for final approval by the park Historical Architect.
1. Install a 2' x 4' ledger on the wall 3" below the windowsills;
2. Install 2' x 4' sill plate atop of the existing roof rafters 12" from existing wall;
3. Construct a 2' x 4' pony wall with studs at 24" on center. Wall top is to terminate 1" below wall ledger;
4. Install ¾ " Opposing Strand Board (OSB) from ledger to top of wall;
5. Install ½ " OSB board on all pony wall faces;
6. Install Bitchathane water protect to all newly constructed surfaces;
7. Install custom made siding to match original over wall surface. Prime back side of new siding;
8. Install copper top flashing from existing wall wrigglet to over the edge of new pony wall and turn down 2" with a drip edge.