El Portal Maintenance Complex Parking Garage Lighting System Replacement

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This project will replace the lighting system in the lower level of the El Portal maintenance complex parking garage. The existing system is extremely susceptible to short-circuiting due to water seeping through non-structural cracks in the concrete. The exposed concrete deck is not properly sloped for drainage and ponding water occurs at numerous locations on the deck after every rain storm. The extensive seeping has short-circuited most of the existing light fixtures. Currently only 14 of the 98 lights are still working. All existing fixtures are surface mounted High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights and the existing electrical conduit runs within the concrete. The existing system will be removed to the surface of the concrete. The new system will be surface mounted electrical conduit and fixtures. The new fixtures will be 70 watt induction fluorescent lights. The new system will provide more light with much less energy and will last much longer than the existing system.

The exposed concrete deck on the second floor will be sealed with a high quality traffic rated urethane seal. The seal will prevent further intrusion of water into the new electric lines as well as protect the structural integrity of the concrete. The concrete seal will prevent further degradation and corrosion of the steel reinforcement members in the concrete.

A staging area will be set up in one corner of the parking garage.