Bridalveil Creek Campground Road Resurfacing

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This project will resurface the Bridalveil Creek Campground road. The existing asphalt roadway is comprised of a 20' wide two-way main road and three one-way loops that are 10' to 12' wide. The main road is 2900' has double yellow centerline striping with informal roadside swales for drainage. The A, B, and C loop roads are 1472', 1390', and 1538' long respectively. The loop roads have some informal roadside swales for drainage and small shoulders. Those existing drainage features will be cleaned with this project. The same drainage configuration will be maintained. All campsite pull-outs are unpaved. This project will resurface the existing roads using a double chip seal or new asphalt overlay method. Contractor bids and funding availability will determine which improvement method will be used. All resurfacing will be applied to the existing paved area. The total areas to be resurfaced are 58,000 square feet (sf) for the main road, 16,192 sf for A loop, 15,290 sf for B loop, and 16,918 sf for C loop.

Staging will be limited to loop roads and existing developed pullouts. All contractor's equipment and materials shall be cleaned and inspected for non-native plants or animals and noxious weeds prior to entering the park.