El Portal Yosemite Institute Residence 5564 Foresta Road Remodel

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This project will convert an existing carport at a YI staff residence into living space. The net result will increase the house from 4 bedrooms to 5 bedrooms. This project will also allow for the addition of a laundry facility, which the current house lacks. This renovation will not affect overall parking, as residents will be able to park in front of the current carport instead of inside of it. There is adequate parking at the house for at least 6 resident vehicles. By using the existing carport structure, including foundation, walls, and roof, their will not be in increase in footprint associated with this renovation.
From the exterior, this project entails enclosing the carport opening with T1-11 siding, to match the rest of the house. A short concrete stem wall will be poured to match the current foundation level in the carport opening. Four new windows will be installed, all chosen to match the size, height, and spacing of existing windows. One of the windows will be installed to replace an existing exterior door on the west side of the house.
This project will be completed by a licensed and insured contractor, satisfactory with all building codes, and permitted by Mariposa County. An accident prevention plan will be submitted to the NPS Safety Office for approval prior to the start of construction.
All new alterations to the house will be designed to be ADA compliant.