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The purpose of this project is to replace the Yosemite Lodge covered walkway roofs. The current roof system has failed and allowed water to infiltrate the wood structure, resulting in rot and decay. This work is necessary to preserve and repair the wood portions to provide the guests with the covered walkways that have been a major component of the Yosemite Lodge experience. In the winter, the leaking water creates icy walkways causing a safety issue for guests and employees. Utility lines are exposed to weather causing premature deterioration, and are visible to guests in an unsightly manner. The entire roof system has outlived its useful life.

The goal of this project is to provide safe, sustainable and waterproof covered walkways at Yosemite Lodge, without the need for further component renewal until at least 2017.

A section of the tour bus unloading area located across Yosemite Lodge Drive will be used for a materials staging area.

General scope of work to include:
I. Design
1. Investigate current conditions to determine amount of repairs.
2. Redesign flat roof and gutter to roof interface if necessary.
3. Provide Design alternatives for routing utilities currently suspended and enclosed in the wood structural frame.
4. Provide Specifications for products and performance with special consideration given to extended design life, and reduced maintenance and operation costs.
II. Construction
1. Remove all existing roof coverings and dispose of debris.
2. Remove all metal flashings completely and dispose of debris.
3. Replace rotted wood portions with specified materials.
4. Install all cabling inside of chase ways so no wires will run along the top of the roof structure. Provide a jack for the wires to exit from at each end of chase way.
5. Install copper drip edge to match existing copper drip edge at restaurant.
6. Repair wood siding above roof structures where rodents have chewed holes.
7. Install base sheets and roofing per manufactures requirements.
8. Pressure wash all exposed wood and steel members to remove cobwebs, dust, and scale.
9. Paint all wood and steel portions of structure: 1 coat prime, 2 coats color. Paint color provided by DNC - Kelly Moore Brand required.