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Navajo Generating Station Water Intake Project

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As work began on the intake shaft technical conditions made it advisable to change shaft design and drilling technique. The new proposal involves slant drilling through sandstone bedrock of five new 42-inch diameter holes that will exit the vertical cliff face below the surface of Lake Powell, within the NPS granted SRP easement northeast of its existing pump house. New 36-inch (inside diameter) water intake pipes and submersible pumps will be installed in each of these holes to withdraw lake water at an approximate elevation of 3,350 feet above sea level. Redesign of the project created the need for a new Environmental Assessment. This notice is an opportunity for the public to identify any issues or concerns they may have regarding this project. All comments must be received by July 25, 2007.

Contact Information

Don Smith, EcoPlan Associates, Inc., 701 W. Southern Avenue, Suite 203, Mesa, Arizona 85210. Comments may also be submitted via e-mail to or faxed to 480-733-6661.