Yosemite Village – Replace Indian Creek Apartment Stairs & Decks

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This project will replace existing wood stairs and balcony decks to meet code compliance. Work includes: engineered design with in kind materials (wood); complete demolition and removal of three sets of existing stairs and four decks; new support structures; new stair and deck members; new railing, handrails, and balusters meeting code compliance; and painting of all, including adjacent walls as needed. During removal and replacement of the stairs, temporary access will be provided by connecting adjacent balcony and stairs with walkway and railings spanning the opening. Construction must be performed by a State of California licensed contractor with sufficient experience to deliver the project as approved for construction. Existing conditions are in an advanced state of deterioration, are hazardous, and are non-code compliant. There have been intermittent repairs but the majority of the wood members on the balcony decks and stairs are old and rotted, making them unsafe to use. Further, poor design and no seismic restraints were installed making them very susceptible to failure in the case of a seismic event.

The basic scope of work for this project includes:

1. Remove existing stair units, hand rails, footings and deck materials (3-units).
2. Install wall ledgers, concrete footings, wood post, support beams and additional joist per detail provided.
3. Install new Douglas Fir 2X4 decking with ¼ inch spacing between boards and UBC stair systems.
4. Patch defects in existing structure where old stair and accessories were removed.
5. Paint all work complete (1 coat primer 2 finish).
8. Clean and haul away all debris.

The staging area for construction activities will be located in the Indian Creek Apartments parking area.