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Change in Filene Center Smoking Policy & Landscape Modifications to Designate Smoking Areas

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In early 2007, a decision was made to change the smoking policy at the Filene Center. Smoking had previously been banned from seating areas, but was permitted on the Plaza area and other paved walkways within the Filene Center ticketed area. It was determined that this was in conflict with federal guidelines disallowing smoking in federal buildings and within 25' of a public entrance. The new policy does not permit smoking "in seating areas (covered and lawn), public lines, plaza area, rest rooms, or within twenty five feet of theater entrances." To accommodate those theater patrons who do smoke, however, the policy designates two areas for smoking, one on each side of the theater, that are removed 25' from the main theater walkways. On house left, an existing concrete pad, known as the "champagne tent area" is being designated as a smoking area. Bollard-style lighting is being installed in this area to alleviate tripping hazards. Installation of these bollard lights requires some trenching for electrical wiring and installation of the lights on existing concrete. On house right, a grassy area downhill of the South Gate building is being designated as a smoking area. Rustic split rail fencing is being installed to clearly define this smoking area and make it clear that smokers must move completely off the pathway to achieve the 25' distance. Bollard-style lighting is also being installed in this area. Work in the house right area consists of digging post holes for fence posts, trenching for underground electrical, and installing concrete footers for the bollard lighting.

The project has been reviewed for impacts to natural and cultural resources by the park's Interdisciplinary Team. The project does not pose any serious or long-term effects to environmental, historical, cultural, archeological, or visual resources. It meets several Categorical Exclusion categories. The change in the smoking policy itself is addressed by two items under D, Actions Related to Visitor Use:
• #1, "Minor changes in amounts or types of visitor use for the purpose of ensuring visitor safety or resource protection in accordance with existing regulations."
• #2, "Minor changes in programs and regulations pertaining to visitor activities."
The changes to the smoking policy are minor and necessary to protect non-smoking visitors from second-hand smoke, and to comply with the federal smoking policy.

The installation of lighting and fencing in the two designated smoking areas are addressed by four items under Category C, Actions Related to Development:
• For installation of directional and identification signs for the smoking areas: #5, "Installation of signs, displays, and kiosks."
• For designation of the two smoking areas as places where people walk and stand for smoking: #12, "Minor trail relocation or development of compatible trail networks on logging roads or other established routes."
• For the installation of lighting and fencing: #17, "Minor landscaping in areas showing clear evidence of recent human disturbance," and #18, "Installation of fencing enclosures, exclosures, or boundary fencing posing no effect on wildlife migrations."

A categorical exclusion was signed by the park Director, William Crockett, on April 17, 2007.

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For questions on this project, contact William Crockett, Director, Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts. 703-255-1800.