Tenaya Lake Murphy Creek Picnic Area Restoration

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This project will restore native vegetation and protect the highly impacted subalpine lakeshore of the Murphy Creek Picnic area at the northwest end of Tenaya Lake. There are two compacted dirt parking areas (east and west) included in the project area. The poor definition of the parking areas has resulted in vehicles moving further into the forest and closer to the lakeshore (even onto the beach). This parking lot "creep" compacts soils, destroys native vegetation, and increases the area of impact. Picnic sites are not clearly defined and picnic tables have been moved to the beach where inappropriate campfire rings are established. There are many informal trails, from the parking areas to the lakeshore, braiding through the forest and the riparian areas of Murphy Creek. Delineation of parking areas, picnic sites and paths to the lake while focusing visitor use to less sensitive areas, would minimize impacts to natural and cultural resources.