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Convert Needles District Group Campsites to Regular Walk-In Campsites When Not Reserved

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In the interest of providing additional front-country camping, Split Top, Wooden Shoe and Squaw Flat Group campsites would be made available to parties of walk-in campers when not reserved.

Squaw Flat Group Campsite

Posts will be erected adjacent to each of the eight tent pads in Squaw Flat Group campsite to mark camping locations and provide for accurate fee collection. Each post will be marked with a letter (A through H). Corresponding lettered posts with clips will be mounted at the entrance to the group site to display payment stubs. Having fee stubs displayed at the campsite entrance provides greater privacy for campers during compliance checks, as well as greater staff efficiency in performing these checks.

Parking at Squaw Flat Group Campsite will be delineated by striping a total of ten spaces. This will give visitors the opportunity to camp in their vehicles at the group campsite while maximizing available space.

Split Top and Wooden Shoe Group Campsites

One post will be erected at the entrance to Split Top Group Campsite, and another post erected at the entrance to Wooden Shoe Group Campsite to display fee payment stubs. One self-pay fee collection canister will be installed at each of these group campsites as well. Presently, fee canisters are located only at Squaw Flat Campground and the Needles Visitor Center. Fee canisters are necessary at Split Top and Wooden Shoe to provide for greater visitor convenience in paying fees and improve fee compliance.

All Group Campsites

The dates group campsites are either reserved or available to regular walk-in camping will be posted on a notice board at the entrance to each group campsite as well as at the Needles Visitor Center. Notice boards with plexiglas boxes will be installed at each group campsite for this purpose. A chart showing group campsite reservations for the upcoming week will be posted in these boxes on a daily basis.

The traditional eleven person minimum required for the occupation of group campsites will continue to be in effect only for those visitors making advance reservations for group campsites. The eleven person minimum will no longer be required for visitors occupying group campsites on site. Maximum group campsite capacities for people and vehicles will remain in effect.

This project would provide for additional frontcountry camping in the Needles District. A certain amount of additional impact in and around group campsites is expected. No interpretive or other programs will be disrupted. Work necessary to complete this project will cause minimal inconvenience and/or impact to park visitors.

Contact Information

Dave Wood 435-719-2133