2009-2013 Programmatic Parkwide Road Routine Maintenance and Repair

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This categorical exclusion document (CE) will serve as a formal record for routine road maintenance and repair activities for the years 2009-2013. The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) directs agencies to use CEs for actions "which do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the human environment and which are therefore exempt from requirements to prepare an environmental impact statement" (40 CFR ยง1500-1508). This project is categorically exempt under NPS Director's Order #12, Action 3.4 C(9): Repair, resurfacing, striping, installation of traffic control devices, and repair/replacement of guardrails, culverts, signs, and other minor existing features on existing roads when no potential for environmental impact exists.

The activities covered by this programmatic CE are necessary to ensure visitor safety and enjoyment, and to promote resource protection by preserving the existing road infrastructure. This CE is intended to cover: repair of existing potholes, sinkholes, cracks, asphalt, concrete and stone curbs, guardwalls, and traffic control devices; replacement in kind and repair of pavement markers, culverts, and road drainage structures, such as outflows; repair of guardwallls; sanding and sealing of roadways; and snow and ice control and removal. Also covered by this CE are removal of brush and woody vegetation from roadsides, headwalls, culverts, drainage ditches and channels; removal of fallen trees, rocks, and flood debris from the existing road prism; and repair to sections of the shoulder where erosion has compromised road integrity. The maintenance and repair activities covered by this CE are limited to the existing road prism, except where repairs to the existing road bed or shoulder require work in previously disturbed areas adjacent to the road prism (i.e., turn outs). The road prism is defined as: all parts of a road including cut banks, roadside drainages, ditches and channels, road surfaces, road shoulders, guardwalls, and road fills.

This CE is intended to be a road maintenance/repair agreement and is not intended to cover more extensive road rehabilitation or reconstruction projects, such as culvert upgrades, road realignments, rehabilitation of bridges, and rehabilitation or reconstruction of guardwalls. This programmatic CE will exclude all Routine Road Maintenance and Repair Activities listed in this document from further compliance for the term of this CE.

The roads covered under this CE include all paved and unpaved roads within Yosemite National Park that are not located within designated Wilderness.