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Death Valley National Park is undgoing a comprehensive site planning effort for Devils Hole, which contains the single remaining population of the endangered Devils Hole pupfish. The site is located adjacent to the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, but is managed as a detached unit of Death Valley National Park. The heart of the site consists of a cavepool which contains the single population of an endangered species, the Devils Hole pupfish. These improvements are intended to support maintenance and recovery of the pupfish, by:

1) Providing the species and habitat with better protection from intrusion and vandalism
2) Improving interpretive and educational opportunities for visitors
3) Enabling safe and effective scientific research and ecological monitoring, and
4) Restoring the natural ecosystem processes upon which the pupfish rely.

Specifically, the draft Devils Hole Site Plan and Environmental Assessment describes and assesses the potential impacts of alternative designs for fence reconstruction, access to the visitors platform overlooking Devils Hole, a permanent access into the Devils Hole cavern, a platform for research and monitoring at water level, improvements to the security and communications systems at the site, upgrading the interpretive treatment, and habitat restoration.

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