Yosemite Village Tecoya Dorm Boiler #2 Replacement

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This project will involve the design and replacement of boiler #2 at the Tecoya Dorm residential housing area. There are two boilers with in the same structure that supply heat to Tecoya dorms, apartments, and some private residences. The project scope includes adding valves necessary for operational cutover of one boiler at a time. Design will also bring the boiler room to code compliance. The construction effort will provide a new boiler with a higher level of performance and efficiency. Construction will also include incidental rehabilitation of the Tecoya boiler room, including but not limited to, repair/replacement of boiler room valving, piping and appurtenances necessary for code compliance.

The Tecoya boiler #2 has far exceeded its useful life. It is over 50 years old. Boiler #2 can no longer be operated safely. Only temporary repairs can be made to use it over the winter, and even then it is subject to failure. A number of system distribution valves need replacement and the piping has served its design life with only five to ten years of remaining life estimated. Boiler #1 was replaced during 2000, but without consideration for system efficiency, or the integrity of valving, piping, and appurtenances within the boiler room. The current boiler room ventilation does not supply sufficient air for simultaneous operation of both boilers. This project will result in a substantial savings in energy and maintenance costs.