Yosemite Valley Visitor Center Roof Replacement

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This project will replace the failing roof on the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center. The proposed design is a spray on coating as opposed to the current rolled roof with seams.

• Remove the existing roof and prepare the underlayment
• Replace skupper drains as needed
• Secure roof jacks, vents, flashing and any other roof penetration components
• Caulk and seal all flashing and seams on the parapet wall caps and air conditioning ducting
• Install two ladder plates on roof for upper and lower roof sections
• Spray polyurethane foam to entire roof and raise all low areas to limit ponding of water on roof
• Spray undercoating
• Add 25 lbs. graduals to add durability to the roof surface
• Spray a top coat of a standard "Class A" silicone elastomeric coating

Top coating will be grey to match existing roof color. The Cultural Resources group did not have any concerns. All waste materials will be disposed of in the county landfill.