Ahwahnee Hotel, Correct Fire Safety Deficiences

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Please see the Project Statement included in the Project Review Package for a complete project description and resource protection measures.

This project includes extending the existing partial fire sprinkler (see Specification 13930) and fire alarm systems (see Specification 13851) to provide full sprinkler and alarm coverage throughout The Ahwahnee, providing smoke control curtains in exit stairs, and adding a metal exit stair to the loading dock. Selective demolition and subsequent patching of existing historic finishes will be necessary to route new piping and wiring. Quality control is crucial to avoiding an adverse effect with this project. NPS Historical Architects will provide final review of device locations and acceptance of patching methods and finishes.

Scope of Work: The scope of work for this project includes:
• Testing and upgrading the existing riser system.
• Relocating the existing fire department pumping connection and adding a second connection, inclusive of underground piping.
• Providing individual zone control valves including flow and tamper devices (for connection to the fire alarm by others), inspector's test and drain valves for all new and existing sprinkler zones.
• Replacing existing sprinkler piping in the basement.
• Installing wet-pipe sprinkler zones throughout the majority of the building interior spaces including guest rooms, lounges, the main dining room, the main kitchen and all storage areas.
• Installing dry-pipe sprinkler zones for the back loading dock and support areas.
• Deluge sprinkler zone for the porte cochere and main entry. This shall be connected to the deluge control panel and detection devices (installed by others).
• Modifying existing sprinklers in storage spaces and fifth and sixth floor guest rooms and corridors.
• Providing a new drain pipe network to properly drain all sprinkler zones
• Limited trenching in three areas to connect the sprinkler system to fire hydrants and the chiller building
• Installation of two new fire hydrants.