2009-2013 Programmatic Parkwide Grounds Routine Maintenance

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This categorical exclusion document (CE) will serve as a formal record for routine grounds maintenance and landscaping activities in all public, housing, and administrative areas for the years 2009-2013. The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) directs agencies to use CEs for actions "which do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the human environment and which are therefore exempt from requirements to prepare an environmental impact statement" (40 CFR ยง1500-1508). This project is categorically exempt under NPS Director's Order #12, Action 3.4 C(3): Routine maintenance and repairs to non-historic structures, facilities, utilities, grounds, and trails.

The activities covered by this programmatic CE are necessary to ensure visitor and employee health and safety, reduce the potential for environmental degradation, maintain aesthetics, provide access, and prevent deterioration of existing facilities. This CE is intended to cover repair, relocation, or replacement of furnishings in developed campgrounds, picnic areas, and similar public spaces, maintenance of landscaped features, and clearing of irrigation ditches in all public, housing, and administrative areas. Examples of furnishings include trash and recycling cans and footings, bear boxes, campfire grills, picnic tables, campfire rings, and campsite markers.

This CE is not intended to cover maintenance of buildings, such as restrooms, within these public spaces. It is also not intended to cover landscape installations that completely replace the previous landscaping, or activities associated with existing or potential historic landscapes where plant species composition would be altered.