Crane Flat – Construct Accessibility for Service Station

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Design and construct accessibility to the existing men's and women's restrooms within the existing building envelope to meet current ADA-ABA Guidelines, and upgrade fixtures to be comparable to other convenience store restrooms having modern facilities. Re-work exterior parking and path of travel to meet ADA compliance. Anticipated work includes: demolition of existing restrooms and vestibule in their entirety; new plumbing lines and electrical service; new wall with utilities separating men's and women's; new entry doors; new low-flow toilet and lavatory fixtures; new waterless urinals; new toilet partitions; new hand dryers, light fixtures and HVAC. Exterior work includes: resurfacing and striping for handicap parking and path of travel; concrete ramp and sidewalks for entry to restrooms and store entry; re-work or replace store entry door; and infilling floor in coffe area per ADA guidelines.

The Crane Flat Station will be shut down to the public for 6-weeks during the construction project. The closed area will include the entrances from Hwy 120 West and the Tioga Pass road. Signage will be placed in conspicuous locations notifying visitors of fuel availablity and milege to nearest fueling stations and the Tolumne Grove restrooms.

Staging areas for equipment and materials will be within the service station land assignment.

Disposal of waste materials will be transported to a licensed facility following all state and federal regulations.