South Entrance Station Office Rehabilitation

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This project entails repairing and preserving the historic South Entrance Station Office Building. This past summer, multiple vehicle collisions with this historic structure have caused substantial damage to the structure including the rock facade, the exterior walls, windows and siding, the roof and the structural system including the main vertical support members. This project will be a repair project and all aspects of the building (including but not limited to the stonework, woodwork, siding, roofing material) will be carefully documented and put back together exactly according to the period of significance. All materials needing replacement will be replaced in kind. The rock facade will be carefully documented and mapped out, dismantled and replaced in the exact same configuration as it was found in. The structural members are not in the historic configuration due to rotting wood which forced the bottom of the vertical members to be cut away in the interest of saving the upper part of the member, these members are now compromised. This will be an opportunity to restore the historic building back to the historical period of significance in consultation with the historical architect (this will include adding the windows back into the building and restoring the historical structural configuration). All efforts will be made to match the historic building plans including eliminating alterations made to the structure over the years. The siding, other structural members including the truss system, and the roof will be replaced in kind, when it is found that there are damaged pieces that need replacement.