South Entrance Park Boundary Marker Stabilization

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The South Entrance Boundary Marker was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corp between 1938 and 1940. The marker is located at Yosemite's south boundary on Hwy 41. It is constructed of granite stone and serves as an entrance sign and boundary marker. The marker is an integral part of the carefully engineered road system that has been designed to be compatable with the natural landscape and mirrors the rustic style stonework found at the South Entrance Ranger Duplex, South Entrance Station Office and Comfort Station. The structure being addressed with this project has a total approximate surface area of 244 square feet. Stabilization activities for this project will focus on five tasks. 1] Remove overgrown vegetation and eroded bank dirt to expose the masonry. 2] The entire surface will be cleaned utilizing a pressure washer and clean clear water to expose deteriorated mortar joints. 3] Selectively remove deteriorated, failed mortar joints and repoint with appropriate mortar. 4] Replace missing stones and reset loose, displaced stones. 5] Replace missing log and historic sign utilizing original 1938 construction blueprints. All preservation treatments and project supervision will be accomplished "in-house" by the Yosemite Historic preservation Team. The Yosemite preservation team project leader will analyze mortar samples to determine proportions of constituent parts and develop a mortar mix that will match existing in color and texture.