Meyer Ranch House Porch Restoration and Electrical System Upgrade

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In 1986 an exterior wall section was added to enclose the porch area, and the floor was covered with plywood. The Yosemite Institute (YI), which has been using the house uner a special use permit from the National Park Service, plans to restore the front porch of the Meyer Ranch house to its period of historical significance.

The restoration work would be done by Yosemite Institute staff in partnership with the NPS Historic Preservation Crew. After consultation with the NPS Historical Architect and the NPS Historic Preservation Lead, YI has created the following plan:

• Remove the exterior south wall section added to the house in the 1970's.
• Remove the plywood flooring from the porch to expose original flooring.
• The condition and treatment of original flooring would be assessed once it is exposed. Treatment will be done only after consultation with the NPS Historical Architect.
• Build a replication of the historic porch railing as seen in historic photographs. Due to the relatively poor quality of the available photographs, design details would be worked out after consultation with the NPS Historic Architect.


To bring the Meyer Ranch house electrical system up to a safe standard, YI would hire Brentwood Electric CA Lic #614628 to execute the following plan. Alterations to the historic fabric would be kept to a bare minimum; exact locations of new fixtures would be chosen in consultation with the electrician and the NPS Historic Architect. All work will be performed to NEC standards.

• Relocate of main service drop and 100 amp service panel to the northeast corner of the house. Currently, the service drop runs to the southeast corner and continues through the attic into the house before reaching the meter and service panel in the old porch room. The new service drop would not enter the house before reaching the service panel.
• Replace all wiring inside the house to current fixtures.
• Install 16 new single gang outlets, 2 new light fixtures, and 4 new switches. Locations would be chosen to minimize alteration of historic materials during installation. New electrical boxes would be inside the wall cavities, not surface mounted. Details will be decided through consultation with the Historic Architect and the electrician.

YI will submit a Safety Plan to the Park Safety Officer for review and approval before beginning any project work.