Wawona Buildings #2571 and #4204 Live Burn Training

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This project involves burning two surveyed government owned structures: 1) building #2571 (the Redwood Laundry); and 2) building #4204 (Novaks residence at #8178 River St.). These buildings have been cleared and slated for demolition. The Safety Office has cleared the buildings for asbestos.

The Fire department would like to use these structures for live fire training to enhance and reinforce fire fighting concepts while in a live fire enviroment.

The live fire training will be held during a burn day. Incident Action Plans will be written and will address Command structure (IC, Safety officer)/Safety issues(water flow, back up teams, communications)/Procedural actions(Building walk thru) and Medical plan.

Prior to the burn, road access will be blocked and staffed. Fire apparatus (at least two) will be placed into position. The main pump engine will utilize water from a hydrant connection. Additional apparatus and static water sources (Folda-Tanks) will be on site.

The structures will have multiple fire sets. After each live fire evolution the fire set will be extinguished before moving onto the next set.

Once all training is complete, the structures will be allowed to burn to the foundation. Fire personnel and equipment will stay on site until remaining fire is burned out and extinguished.
Post burn clean up will focus on the removal of all non-burned material (mostly piping) and the final clean up of residual ash.