Rehabilitation and Restoration Work at Ellwood – First Floor, Front Rooms

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Ellwood Manor is a ca. 1799 plantation house on the Wilderness Battlefield. It served as a domestic site for nearly 175 years. During the Civil War, it was used as a Confederate hospital and a Union Army headquarters. In 1971, Ellwood Manor was sold to the NPS. Since that time, it has been stabilized. In 2005, a HVAC system was installed in Ellwood, to all levels, and the exterior walls insulated. In 2006, the 20th century flooring was removed from the first floor of the house, revealing the historic floors.

Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park's (FRSP) most recent General Management Plan (GMP, 1986) states that Ellwood "will be restored…" The park plans to follow the suggestions set forth in the 1992 Ellwood Historic Structure Report and rehabilitate and restore three rooms on the first floor.

Ellwood is open to the public three days a week between Memorial Day and Labor Day. During this period, the building is operated and interpreted by volunteers from the Friends of Wilderness Battlefield (FOWB), a non-profit friends group. FOWB, and FRSP, has as its ultimate goal the complete rehabilitation of Ellwood into an interpretive center with museum exhibits. The rehabilitation and restoration of the three rooms on the first floor will help in achieving this goal.

Under the guidelines of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, FRSP is soliticing public comments on this project. Written comments, either through this website or via postal letter, will be accepted only during the 30 day public review period.

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