Yosemite Valley Campground Office-Impound Locker Relocation

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Due to safety concerns for staff and visitors, we propose moving the food and equipment impound locker approximately 25 feet from behind the existing fence adjacent to the Valley Campground Office around to the front. The locker is 71" wide, 79" tall and 83" long. It is used by Resources Management, Interpretation, Protection, and BRM staff to store food impounded from campsites, vehicles, and lodging to protect wildlife and the property and safety of visitors. In its current location, the locker is over a seasonal creek which makes it virtually impossible to access during the spring, early summer months. It is also sinking into the mud. There is no lighting currently, so it is hazardous when using during the night. We propose to move the locker around to the front of the fence which is already a disturbed area, and would like to screen on 2 sides with a fence. A third side will be screened by the existing fence, and the fourth side will remain open to gain access to the locker. By moving it to the new location, we will also be able to illuminate it properly for safety and security. According to B&G we will add additional gravel and place it on pier blocks. The soil disturbance would be 2-3 inches in order to level the locker, and 18" deep for the fence posts. A Job Hazard Analysis will be in place per direction from the Safety Office.