Ahwahnee Hotel Grounds Defective Oak Tree Removal and Replacement

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This project involves taking down the massive and hazardous California black oak (Quercus kelloggii) with multiple defects that is located outside the southwest corner of the Ahwahnee Hotel Dining Room. It also includes collecting vegetative cuttings and acorns to eventually replace the tree if it does not sprout from the stump. The tree is an important characteristic in the cultural landscape of the Ahwahnee Hotel National Historic Landmark, and the hotel footprint was sited to accommodate the tree. Ten years ago alternatives to mitigate hazardous portions of the tree were evaluated and major pruning was prescribed to extend the life of the tree and rebalance the tree so that when it failed it would probably fail away from the Dining Room. The Certified Arborist who supervised the major pruning ten years ago and has been monitoring the tree annually since warns that the remainder of the tree is in imminent danger of catastrophic collapse. Alternatives, including stabilization (cabling), minor pruning, major pruning, and tree takedown, were considered in detail, and take down was recommended prior to winter storms.