Ahwahnee Hotel Cottage Guest Bathroom Remodel

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The purpose of this project is to remodel the 24 cottage bathrooms at the Ahwahnee Hotel to improve the functionality and appearance, as well as reflect historic design qualities prepared by Architectural Resources Group (a professional firm specializing in historic structures). Bathrooms will be stripped of non-historic wallpaper and fixtures and completely remodeled with new flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, counters, and wall coverings (see Attachment B, 90% Construction Documents). Structural modifications will not occur; hot water heaters will remain in their existing location. The following is a summary scope of proposed construction activities:

• Remove all fixtures: tub, toilet, sink, showerheads, and wall fixtures (e.g., wall sconces, towel bars and hooks, mirrors; see attached construction drawings for details)
• Remove wallpaper
• Repair and paint wall surface
• Install new restroom fixtures (tub, toilet, sink, and showerheads)
• Install wood cabinets with stone top, window coverings, tub surrounds, stone counter tops, tile flooring, and wall fixtures

Full details of the proposed project, including specifics regarding fixtures, are contained in the 31 page document "The Ahwahnee Cottages, Bathroom Renovations - Finish Information", prepared by Architectural Resources Group, San Francisco, CA (December 2006).