Badger Pass – Life/Safety Shoring of Main Lodge Decking

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Based on the results of a structural integrity evaluation performed by an engineer, temporary shoring would be installed at the lower level of the Lodge (locker areas B & C) to relieve excessive loads on deteriorated support structures under the sun decks located along the meadow side of the building. This temporary shoring would be left in place for up to several winter seasons until permanent structural repairs can be completed.

Per the attached design provided by T-Squared Architects, shoring will consist of screw operated metal shoring jacks, set on 8" x 2" x 3/16" steel channels at ±72" on center, with 6" x 8" #1 DF wood beams set on top of the jacks and run continuous along the entire length of the sun decks outer edges, supporting the existing timber deck. Existing lockers will be removed temporarily to install the shoring, and then placed back in front of the shoring. This will eliminate interference with the use of the lockers and better protect the shoring from damage or vandalism.