Camp 4 National Register Plaque Installation

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This project involves the placement of an approximately one foot square bronze plaque recognizing the listing of Camp 4 in the National Register of Historic Places. The plaque reads: "Camp 4 has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior for its significant association with the history of modern rock climbing in America February 21, 2005". It is to be attached to a boulder placed adjacent to the existing Raffi Bedayn memorial bench at Camp 4. The placed boulder will be similar to the one used for the plaque at Parson's Lodge (see photo). The boulder will be placed to the left and slightly behind the existing memorial.
The existing Bedayn Memorial will also be moved slightly forward to avoid tree roots currently impacting and being impacted by the granite slab memorial. There will be some ground disturbance associated with moving the memorial and partially burying the boulder. Both Archaeology and the Park Forester have been consulted and consultation will continue as the exact placement of the memorial and boulder are determined.
The project is to be completed in time for an October 1, 2006 ceremony celebrating Camp 4's National Register Status.