DNC Stables, Relocate Recycle Bins (Y4-0608)

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This proposal is to change the location of the metals recycling and debris boxes from the west end of the Yosemite Lodge (former Yosemite Lodge Annex employee housing area) to the Delaware North stables west parking lot. At this site, we propose to construct a 30' x 36' fenced area using a 10' high wooden fence with metal posts and rails for structural support. The fence will have a gate that can be locked on the east side to minimize unauthorized use or trash dumping by campground visitors. The fence will be stained brown to blend in with the surrounding area to meet the Design Guidelines for Yosemite Valley and the recomendations of the park Historical Architect, Sueann Brown. The bins will be used to collect metal for recycling and non-food debris. The fence will be constructed using the design that was prepared by the park History, Architecture, and Landscapes branch. The park Archeologist stated that there are no archeology sites documented at the proposed site.